Recalling his famous words to Tino Best in 2004, now part of cricketing folklore, Andrew Flintoff has called his sledge at Lord’s “possibly the best thing” he’s done on a cricket field.

Responding to England Cricket’s video-tweet on the hilarious episode, Flintoff recalled his famous words “Mind the windows”, which even inspired Best to title his autobiography the same.

“Possibly the best thing I’ve done on a cricket field. Thanks for popping in Tino,” wrote Flintoff. 16 years ago, he had made those words famous, standing at first slip and sledging a 22-year-old Best, who was batting at Lord’s against the canny left-arm spin of Giles.

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Trying to take on the spinner, Best seemed edgy, inviting Flintoff to have a crack at the batsman, seemingly mocking his inability to clear the ropes. “Mind the windows, Tino!” said Flintoff, with a big smile on his face.

The move instantly riled up Best, who decided to jump out of the crease soon after, ending up with a splattered set of stumps off a Geraint Jones stumping, and a loud cackle from Flintoff, heartily celebrating his ploy.

Richie Benaud, on commentary, took it on from there, dishing out his customary dry humour on the mic as Best trudged back for a seven-ball three. “Ashley has done him now. Whether he outbowled him or outtalked him, I don’t know. The only one [windows] that might get broken is in front of the dressing room as he thinks his way back to the rest of his team.”

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Best, who famously scored 95 against the same opposition in 2012, the then-highest score ever by a No.11 batsman, put out a tweet too, quoting Bob Marley’s “he who laugh last wins”, with a video of him hitting a six during his record-breaking knock.

In 2015, Best had admitted that it was a “good gag” by “legend” Flintoff. “I’m not embarrassed, stuff like that is good for the game,” Best had told ESPNcricinfo. “I always thought Ashley Giles was a decent bowler, but he wasn’t spinning the ball that much, so I had a go.”