In India, cricket isn’t a sport, it’s a religion. According to some measures, Indians make up 90 per cent of cricket’s 1-billion-strong fanbase.

But India isn’t the only country where cricket is loved and avidly viewed. Among others, Aussies are pretty passionate about the sport too, so much so, even the best online casinos in Australia have hundreds of cricket-themed games, including online pokies.

As with any sport, there are some stories that spread like wildfire through cricket’s fans. But some are based in more than a bit of wishful thinking…

1. AB de Villiers played professional hockey

AB de Villiers is such a cricketing genius that rumours have sprung up about his prowess in other arenas. But don’t believe everything you hear…

Heard that he played professional hockey? False!

2. When Sachin Tendulkar hit a century, India lost more than they won

Although Tendulkar is one of the best in history, his name is still associated with losses. Why? As it goes, if Tendulkar hit a century, India would lose.

In truth, of his 49 ODI centuries, India won 67 per cent of the matches.

3. Dhoni was the fastest batter to reach ODI No.1

Dhoni is a cricketing great, and spent plenty of time as the ODI No.1 ranked batter. But was he the fastest person to achieve that status?

Nope! The start of the ODI rankings means that someone had to be number one after the very first ODI – John Edrich, in 1971.

4. Boonie drank 52 beers ahead of the Ashes

A horrifying feat in drinking, it’s been said that David Boon drank 52 cans of beer on a flight to the Ashes in 1989.

While Boon’s teammates have sworn it’s true, Boon says the story is “a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.”