India are No.1, followed by South Africa and Australia in the second and third spots respectively in the latest ICC Test team rankings.

Not only have India consolidated their position as the top Test team at the moment, they have also extended their advantage over second-placed South Africa from four to 13 points.

This came about because as per rules, the results from 2014-15 were taken out of the equation and those from 2015-16 and 2016-17 given 50 per cent weightage. In 2014, India had travelled to England and lost the five-Test series 3-1, and later in the year, stretching into 2015, lost a four-Test series in Australia 2-0.

[caption id=”attachment_69854″ align=”alignnone” width=”800″]Bangladesh have moved above the Windies in the latest Test rankings Bangladesh have moved above the Windies in the latest Test rankings[/caption]

Since then, though, India have won 22 of their 34 Tests.

South Africa remain at No.2, while Australia have gained four points following the update, and have moved above New Zealand to the third spot. New Zealand are No.4, followed by England, Sri Lanka and Pakistan in fifth, sixth and seventh positions respectively.

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Below them, meanwhile, is a major development with Bangladesh moving above West Indies to No.8.

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Since the start of 2015, Bangladesh have won three of their 18 Tests and lost ten, while West Indies have won five of their 28 Tests and lost 18.

Zimbabwe bring up the rear, in tenth spot with two points. By the time the next update is announced, Ireland and Afghanistan will be part of the race as well, making it a 12-team table.