Gary Ballance, speaking on the Yorkshire Cricket’s Cover Off podcast, recalled the time he was in “absolute agony” after his Yorkshire teammate Tim Bresnan switched his shower gel with a Deep Heat rub.

“One of the first times I played with you Bres, can’t remember, must have been 2010/11 [2013],” Ballance said. “We’re playing at [the Brunton Memorial Ground] Radlett against Middlesex [in a Pro40 game]”

“I was in the shower, and I had run out of shower gel. Not being very clever, I asked you if I could have some shower gel. Anyway, you chucked a bottle over, I think. I may have been stupid thinking it must be shower gel.

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“I rubbed it all over myself, thinking I was getting cleaned. About five minutes, I realise that it was Deep Heat and for the next five-hour bus journey down to Somerset, I was in absolute agony. I still owe you for that, Bres.”

The Deep Heat didn’t rub off well on their friendship, as Bresnan faced a volley of curses from Ballance soon after. The two weren’t on speaking terms for the next month.

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“Mate, you called me all the names under the sun for that,” Bresnan chuckled. “You didn’t speak to me for about a month. In fact, our relationship got off to a rocky start because of this I reckon. You were so angry, Gaz!”

“I was in a lot of pain,” Ballance admitted. “That heat rub went everywhere!”