Kumar Sangakkara has called for a “solid barrier” to come into place to protect players from people outside of cricket looking to encourage corruption in the game.

With fellow Sri Lankan great Sanath Jayasuriya being charged by the ICC under anti-corruption charges and an Al-Jazeera documentary alleging that spot-fixing has taken place in England matches this decade, the spotlight is on the legitimacy of cricket being played.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Sangakkara said it was up to the relevant authorities to ensure that players do not come into contact with negative influences.

[caption id=”attachment_85552″ align=”alignnone” width=”594″] Sangakkara played international cricket for 11 years with Jayasuriya[/caption]

“These allegations need to be taken very seriously by all concerned and investigated thoroughly,” he said. “Everyone needs to come together and really knuckle down to search for an answer.”

“We must protect players, not just in terms of awareness and education, but a solid barrier so that players are not in a situation where anyone has access to them. It needs a more concerted effort after what we’ve seen happen in the last few months.”

One of Sangakkara’s suggestions was the vetting of player agents, implying that they might be part of the issue.

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He said: “It’s a very confusing time for everyone and the ICC and anti-corruption security unit need to get together with everyone to find the best possible way forward, educating administrators, vetting player agents and managers.

“It’s not an easy task, but now is the time for co-operation to make sure the game is as clean as possible.”