James Faulkner and Peter Siddle were involved in a hilarious Mankading face-off during BBL 2020/21, when Siddle, the bowler, reminded non-striker Faulkner that he had walked too far out of his crease.

The incident occurred in the final over of Hobart Hurricanes’ innings against Adelaide Strikers in the fifth match of the ongoing BBL 2020/21. Siddle, preparing to bowl the final delivery of the innings, realised that Faulkner had casually ambled out of his crease and decided to serve him a friendly reminder.

Siddle pulled out of his action and turned back at Faulkner, as if waiting for an explanation from the non-striker. Faulkner, caught by surprise, put his hands on his waist and stared back, possibly asking what the fuss was all about.

It quickly dissipated into a friendly tap from Siddle on Faulkner’s calves, probably reminding him of Laws of Cricket 41.16, where the bowler is “permitted to attempt to run out” a non-striker out of their crease.

In the recent past, ‘Mankading’ has been the subject of intense debating after Ravichandran Ashwin famously dismissed Jos Buttler in similar fashion during IPL 2019, and has publicly advocated the method of dismissal since.

Incidentally, exactly 72 years ago on this day, Vinoo Mankad whipped the bails off at the non-striker’s end, dismissing Bill Brown during the Sydney Test, the first instance of the ‘Mankading’ in Test cricket, and the origin of the term.

Here’s the Siddle-Faulkner moment from BBL 2020/21: