Watch: Washington Sundar was forced to sacrifice his wicket after being called through for a non-existent single by Suryakumar Yadav in the second India-New Zealand T20I.

The senior batter ensured he passed his junior partner, leaving Sundar run out and allowing Suryakumar to stay in the middle. He went on to see India home in a tight run chase.

The second T20I was a low-scoring thriller, with New Zealand scrapping for everything in defence of their total of 99.

Sundar came to the crease with India halfway to their target and three wickets down in the 11th over, and made 10 to take his side to 70. Suryakumar, normally one of the fastest scorers in world cricket, was struggling to score, having scratched his way to 12 off 18, and attempted to manufacture an opportunity with a reverse-sweep.

He only succeeded in edging the ball onto his pad, with the ball rolling behind square on the off-side. Despite such cases normally being the non-striker’s call, Suryakumar set off with Sundar shouting ‘no’ and holding his hand out at the other end.

Suryakumar had no hope of regaining his ground and so kept going, with Sundar allowing the No.4 to pass him. Blair Tickner, having fielded the ball, ran in to remove the bails.

Suryakumar ended up guiding India to victory, hitting four off the penultimate delivery to seal a six-wicket win.

Watch Sundar get run out below: