Harry Brook has confirmed that he will not be participating in the 2024 Indian Premier League in a lengthy post explaining his extended absence from cricket.

Brook left England’s tour of India before the start of the Test series for personal reasons, with reports circling today (March 13) that he had pulled out of a deal with Delhi Capitals in the IPL.

Brook has since confirmed the “very difficult decision”, and explained that the illness and death of his grandmother, an influential figure in his life, was behind his choice.

“I can confirm that I have made the very difficult decision not to play in the upcoming IPL,” he wrote on social media. “I was so excited to be picked by Delhi Capitals and was so looking forward to joining up with everyone. Whilst I don’t think I should need to share my personal reasons behind this decision, I know there will be many asking why. So I do want to share this.

“I lost my Grandmother last month – she was a rock to me and I spent a huge amount of my childhood in her home; my attitude to life and love for cricket was shaped by her and my late grandfather. When at home there would hardly be a day go by that didn’t include seeing her. It makes me so happy that she was able to see me play cricket for England. I’m proud that she could collect some of the awards I have won over the last couple of years when I couldn’t be there and I know she enjoyed doing that.

“I made the decision to leave the India Test tour the night before we flew from Abu Dhabi to India because I was told for the first time that my Grandmother was ill and didn’t have long left. Now that she has passed my family & I are grieving and I need to be around them. Over the last few years I have learned to prioritise my mental wellbeing and that of my family’s, honestly nothing is more important to me than family. So whilst this may come as surprising to some, I know it’s the right decision for me. I’m young and hope to have many, many more years of cricket to come which I intend to make the absolute most of.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for the support I have received, especially from the ECB and Delhi Capitals, thank you.”

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Delhi Capitals are yet to name a replacement for Brook in their squad. IPL 2024 kicks off on Friday, March 22.