Whilst online betting as a whole continues to grow in terms of its overall popularity, one thing that mirrors this increase is the rise of cricket betting sites. With technology only advancing more and more as the years go on, this has allowed for these dedicated cricket platforms to become more prevalent than ever before, with these being central hubs for all things surrounding cricket betting. Even though these are staples nowadays, many people still might be unsure of what the best cricket betting sites are and the factors that determine this.

Here at Wisden however, finding the best cricket betting sites is something that we are specialists in. From detailing the unique ways that specific sites innovate the space all the way to keeping track of their respective bonuses and welcome offers, our dedicated cricket betting sites section contains all the information you may need when it comes to deciding the specific platform for cricket betting.

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What are Cricket Betting Sites?

One of the most important things to understand before we delve into any specific element though, is what are cricket betting sites? Putting it in the simplest way possible, these are online platforms dedicated to allowing bettors to place stakes on all of the most popular cricket matches and tournaments that take place within this sports calendar. No matter the type of device a player may prefer to use for their cricket betting experience, these sites accommodate various methods of play, being accessible on everything from your standard mobile phones and tablets all the way to laptops and desktop PCs.

Cricket betting sites are dedicated to bringing users the multitude of different cricket betting markets that are currently out there. These sites make sure the experience of cricket betting is as seamless as possible, no matter the way in which users may choose to place bets. Things like detailed statistics and analytics, virtual reality matches and even live-streamed games are all components that make up the experience of a cricket betting site, with various types of bettors being catered to thanks to these differing features.

When it actually comes to the type of bets placed, these can range from detailed player-specific wagers all the way to the most common match outcome bets, with all of the markets being housed in one place on these cricket betting sites. As well as this, the games and tournaments which can actually be used are extensive, with franchise leagues such as the IPL and Big Bash League being included, in addition to some international cricket events like the ICC World Cups.

Which Cricket Betting Sites are the Best?

In terms of the best cricket betting sites that are out there, there are a plethora of factors that can make a platform more suitable for specific cricket betting use. For example, one of the main things you want to look out for when selecting a site is the number of games that are covered. As cricket is played all over the world, the more matches that are able to have stakes placed on them, the better the overall experience for players. Something which coincides with all of this is the variety of cricket betting markets that are also available, allowing different aspects of the game to be bet on, ranging from over and under bets in regards to run totals all the way to the method of dismissal a batter may fall to.

Despite many of the best cricket betting sites having their own applications, the technology used in the creation of these sites doesn't necessarily require the corresponding apps. Thanks to the mobile-friendly technology used in many modern sites, they are able to boast all the same features of the applications, all whilst retaining the qualities that define these platforms.

Even when factoring these features in, as well as a number of other significant factors that can impact user experience, the number of cricket betting sites that meet this exact criteria is still extensive. However, at Wisden, we have still managed to break down all of the major options, something which has allowed us to identify some of the best cricket betting sites in India currently available to bettors.

Top 8 Cricket Betting Sites of India in 2024

  1. Stake

  2. Parimatch

  3. Fun88

  4. Dafabet

  5. Sportsbet.io

  6. Rajabets

  7. GGbets

  8. 22Bets

If you are looking for any of these, we have dedicated reviews for all of the best cricket betting sites at Wisden, breaking down all the distinctive qualities, features and benefits each one brings to the table. As well as this, we also keep up to date with any welcome or reload bonuses these cricket betting sites may give out; however, more on this aspect very shortly.

Cricket Betting Site Bonuses

As we have just mentioned, these platforms often have their own unique promotions and bonuses available to bettors, with this differing from one cricket betting site to another. When selecting one of these sites to use for yourself, one of the deciding factors is often the bonuses they have available upon signing up. Welcome offers are one of the most common types you may encounter, with these often including things such as matched deposits up to a certain amount or even a certain amount of free bet credits.

Some of the best cricket betting sites may even present bonuses such as enhanced odds. These frequently coincide with some of the biggest matches within the cricket calendar, with these essentially increasing the prices of specific markets or all options available within a certain game. Even with this being a rather conventional and simplistic form of bonus, these can still enhance the overall experience of a cricket bettor.

It is not just welcome offers that the best cricket betting sites offer either, with reload bonuses often being another component that comes hand-in-hand with these platforms. Depending on special cricketing events that may be taking place, sportsbooks could offer free bets on certain games or even run bonuses like money-back promotions should your selection lose in a pre-specified manner. Once again, these cashback-style bonuses are simple in concept, yet they can still add an extra layer to the user experience completely, differentiating cricket-betting sites even further.

Regardless of the bonuses that cricket betting sites offer, though, it is always essential to pay close attention to any applicable terms and conditions that may be attached to these promotions. Things such as wagering requirements and time limits may come hand in hand with these bonuses; therefore, being aware of these is highly important.

Cricket Betting Sites at Wisden

In order to understand what all the best cricket betting sites in India are, you must factor in all of the things we have already discussed. Although the list of these may be daunting, that is where we here at Wisden come into play. We have already broken down each and every one of the best cricket betting sites out there, detailing all key components and features to potentially help bettors make a decision. Not only does this make sure you are picking the best site possible based on your preferences, but it also ensures that the experience you have is both seamless and safe!