With technologies continuing to broaden and develop, so do the possibilities now available within the world of cricket betting. One such advent which has taken the space by storm, especially in recent years, is live cricket betting. This new way to place stakes on your favourite cricket matches across the world adds an extra layer of interactivity and engagement to the entire process, with there being a whole collection of specific features that facilitate this.

Despite it being so prevalent nowadays, some bettors may not actually be familiar with cricket betting. However, thanks to us being experts in everything that surrounds it, we here at Wisden have covered this capability. Not only can we break down all the intricate details of what exactly live cricket betting is, but we can also detail all the markets available in this unique betting approach, as well as how it could potentially be used.

What Is Live Cricket Betting?

The most important thing to address before getting into any specifics is what live cricket betting is in the first place. Commonly referred to as in-play betting by many, this is an approach to betting that sees users place stakes on cricket matches and tournaments as they are taking place in real-time. Due to it allowing bettors to react to any changes, developments or major moments within a game, this differs drastically from the more traditional bets that are commonly placed pre-match.

Due to this nuanced approach, live cricket betting has proved especially popular amongst cricket bettors, with this being applicable to a whole range of different aspects of a cricket game. From the usual match outcome bets that are most common all the way to player-specific bets, the same opportunities are available in live betting as would be if doing it before a game takes place.

How Does Live Cricket Betting Work?

Live cricket betting as a whole is relatively straightforward in its overall concept. However, there are still a number of factors that determine how exactly it works. As this approach takes place during a cricket match odds are adjusted to mirror the current standings in a match or any influential events that may take place. For example, should one team take a drastic lead in runs, with their opposition struggling to claim any wickets, the odds of the two different teams will be adjusted accordingly.

If live cricket betting markets are available for a certain game, there are around the clock changes made to all the prices and markets involved. This reflects the statistics of an ongoing game, with this essentially providing a whole range of new betting options that were not originally available before the match began.

In order to understand what some of these changes are and how a game is playing out, most cricket betting sites and apps will offer live streams for the corresponding games. This could allow you to watch along with a game, letting you understand what is impacting the changes in prices as well as allowing you to watch the gameplay you may have placed a stake on adding to the overall experience of cricket betting.

How Can Live Cricket Betting Be Used?

With the ever-changing odds and markets involved, live cricket betting could potentially be used in a number of ways that might be advantageous. Not only can this let you keep up to date with all changes and developments within a cricket match but it could also allow you to potentially make use of market movements. If odds are fluctuating for a certain selection which you think is good value, it could allow you to take advantage of potentially increased odds, something that is not typically a possibility when betting before a match.

Let's use an example to best highlight this. Say Team A is the favourite to win a match; however, they have a poor start to the game. This could see their respective odds increased to reflect the perceived chance of them losing the match. However, if you utilise statistics and knowledge to your advantage, you could potentially place a stake on certain selections after their odds have changed, presenting a good value betting opportunity in turn.

Identifying good value bets following odd changes is not the only use of live cricket betting either, with cash-out options also coming into play with this approach as well. If you're seeing the odds of your selection change due to poor performance on the field, this could potentially allow the option to cash out a portion of your original stake should it look likely that the bet you chose may be unsuccessful. Although this can result in losses, it still allows you to recuperate a portion of your wagered funds, minimising the potential effect on your bankroll should you let the bet run out till it is fully settled.

Live Cricket Betting Markets

Now that you are aware of what live cricket betting is and how exactly this approach could be used to your advantage, you still may be wondering what aspects of a game live betting can apply to. In reality, all markets that were available before a match are also available when live cricket betting, with some of the most popular ones being as follows.

Match-winner bets are arguably the most popular type of bets placed both before a match and during one. This simply relates to a bettor predicting which team they think will come out victorious, with this market remaining open throughout a game. Based on the match's progression and current scoreline, the odds are adjusted repeatedly to reflect the probability of each side involved.

As well as this, another of the live cricket betting markets available is the top batsmen/ bowler bets. These allow bettors to place stakes on which specific player they think will score the most runs or take the most wickets within a game or certain innings. Taking into consideration the dynamics of the match, the form of a player and any other game conditions, this could allow you to react to the odds available for each player involved.

Like with most other sports, over and under in cricket betting is also a huge option, which many bettors favour. Unsurprisingly, this is also one of the most popular live cricket betting markets, with this allowing one to predict whether there will be more or fewer runs than a predefined betline a sportsbook will set. Understanding scoring patterns and the statistics of an ongoing game could make over/under markets a useful in-play betting option.

One of the live cricket betting markets specifically designed for in-play betting, however, is the method of the next dismissal. As the game goes on, batters will likely fall in various ways. This can be done by being bowled, run or caught out, or even dismissed by an LBW. With each new batter stepping up to the crease and the various playing styles of bowlers, this makes each and every delivery a unique one.

Another of the live cricket betting markets that have been tailored towards in-play wagers is innings runs. This can allow bettors to predict how many runs they think will occur within a certain inning until it concludes, with players being able to base their decisions on a team's current performance. This exact same thing applies to both session runs and total runs, too, with many sportsbooks employing these options for live cricket betting.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, live cricket betting markets aren't only used for team bets either, with there being an abundance of markets that apply to individual players specifically. This can refer to the number of runs they will score or the number of wickets they claim, with bettors being able to follow player statistics closely in order to identify good value live cricket betting opportunities.

Live Cricket Betting At Wisden

Even with live cricket betting being a fairly new addition to the cricket betting world in the grand scheme of things, it is still something that has seen its overall popularity dramatically increase. Here at Wisden, we specialise in everything surrounding cricket betting, with this applying to both the live and in-play approaches as well.

Not only can we break down certain aspects of cricket betting, but we also highlight all of the best cricket betting apps and sites out there that offer this possibility. Each of these has its own dedicated review, highlighting the unique features they offer, as well as some of the welcome bonuses that betting sites offer to cricket bettors!