Following last month’s club debate on cricket’s new laws and how they will affect the grassroots game, here’s what our readers thought of the new policies.

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On the new ‘two strikes and you’re out’ beamer law:

“In the Thames Valley League it’s two beamers and you can’t bowl again. All very well for the higher leagues with pace bowlers but imagine being a 14-year-old spinner trying to learn and getting pulled after two balls. It’s a complete joke. The powers that be have made some very strange decisions this year.”
Robbie-John Handley – via Twitter

“This happened to a 16-year-old in the game I played in on Saturday. And we are trying to keep 16-21-year-olds in the game…”
Will – via Twitter

‏“I don’t know about ‘irrespective of speed’. If a spinner was bowling full tosses over waist height to me more than once, I think I’d rather he stayed in the attack.”
Ben Pobjie – via Twitter

‏“Some teams I’ve seen wouldn’t make it through the innings.”
Jess Lewis – via Twitter

‏“Not a fan, doesn’t give new or inexperienced bowlers much of a chance. Could end someone’s input in the game after only two balls. Surely there should be some consideration for age and speed?”
Morley Benson – via Twitter

On extending the point at which a bowler can execute a ‘Mankad’

[caption id=”attachment_71480″ align=”alignnone” width=”800″]Buttler Senanayake Mankad Run Out Sri Lanka’s Sachithra Senanayake controverally run out England’s non-striker Jos Buttler in 2014[/caption]

‏”Good call. At the end of the day, it’s cheating by the non-striker. Simple as that.”
Niall – via Twitter

On restricting bat width

“The bat-width issue is totally unenforceable in the lower divisions with no league-appointed umpires, and virtually unenforceable even when there are.”
Matt Summerhill – via Twitter

Top Tweet: What do you do when cricket’s rained off?

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St Michaels 74 CC – via Twitter