It’s too easy to miss out on a legendary moment on the cricket pitch.

For many clubs, reminiscing over a drink in the clubhouse after the game is the only form of record available. With FrogBox, the live streaming solution for cricket, you can easily capture those unforgettable moments and stream to your fans and followers like never before! FrogBox makes broadcasting live cricket accessible and allows clubs and schools to easily capture and share every moment.

FrogBox is the innovative, portable and affordable solution to make broadcasting live cricket accessible to clubs, schools and leagues. It is the only livestreaming product that integrates with Play-Cricket Scorer and Play-Cricket Live, enabling clubs and schools across the country to stream to YouTube with high quality graphics and to capture every highlight.

Setting up FrogBox

Streaming cricket matches has never been easier. On match day, follow these simple steps:

  1. Set-up and position your FrogBox streaming kit before play begins. The FrogBox support team is always available to assist along the way.
  2. Score the match using the Play-Cricket Scorer App (mobile phone or tablet).
  3. Encourage your fans and members to engage with the stream and match highlights on the Play-Cricket Live App.

The streaming kit includes the camera, 4.5m mast for elevated capture, a rechargeable battery that can last up to 20 hours and a sturdy case that fits all cables and devices. FrogBox also provides necessary technology to process and stream the footage live.

The ease of set-up and maintenance is what sets this product apart – anyone can quickly learn how to use FrogBox.


Key Features

In addition to delivering game content to players, fans, coaches, or parents, one of the most loved features of FrogBox’s streaming kit is the link with Play-Cricket Scorer. Users simply score a match on the app as they usually would, and FrogBox’s automated streaming technology takes the information and overlays it within the video, resulting in smart-looking, broadcast quality graphics.

One of the most valuable features to the FrogBox streaming setup is the ability to integrate your club’s sponsor logos onto your stream. It’s a great way to attract new sponsors and open up new revenue opportunities. As captured on FrogBox last year, the huge inswinging delivery from Jonah Handy of Mildenhall Cricket Club became a viral hit and attracted sponsors to the club and world media attention.

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FrogBox’s new fan engagement tool, Lilypad, gives users the power to easily select their favourite moments from a match, compile them into playlists, and share them with their club and community. Curate playlists of entire match highlights, the best shots from a magical century, a memorable wicket-haul, amazing catches or perhaps even a blooper reel all in one place. Lilypad takes the complication out of compiling and sharing highlights and is sure to become a much-loved content creation tool to help grow and engage your club’s community.

Club Testimonial

Swindon CC, who compete in the West of England Premier Cricket League (WEPL), were one of the clubs who began using FrogBox to live stream and capture highlights last year. Here is what they have say about the system:

“FrogBox has been a huge success for our club. It enables people not able to attend to be able to watch the match wherever they are. The day after the match always provides plenty of entertainment once players have watched the match. It has engaged our players and casual followers on our social media channels, attracting much more engagement.

“We share highlights and successes on social media which brings eyes on the club – it’s always good to see performances rather than just hear about it! The sponsors are pleased with the exposure as they pop up on the live stream in-between overs and innings.”

Daniel Harris, Vice Chairman
Swindon CC

How much does FrogBox cost?

There are two elements to FrogBox – the hardware and the streaming license.

  • Streaming kit (£1,150) – includes a FrogBox camera, mast, rechargeable battery and carry case/cables.
  • Streaming licence (£250 per year) – live streaming all matches, automated on-screen graphics, automated match highlights and integration with scoring apps.

There’s never been a better time to join the streaming revolution and to start re-imagining the match day experience for your cricket club or school.

To find out more about FrogBox, visit our website

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