Wahab Riaz issues statement on twitter

Wahab Riaz responded to discussions over his sacking as a Pakistan national team selector on Wednesday, claiming rumours circulating about his 'domination' of the selection committee were false. 

Earlier today (July 10), the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced that Wahab along with Abdul Razzaq had been fired as national selectors. The pair were part of a panel of seven members tasked with selecting the Pakistan men's national team. Razzaq was also part of the women's team selection committee, and was relieved from his duties there as well.

Wahab Riaz: How can one vote dominate six?

On Wednesday afternoon, Wahab took to X (formerly Twitter) to speak out on his sacking. He reacted strongly to rumours of him acting as the chief of the selection committee in a panel of seven with no designated head, disagreeing with the "statements being discussed about adding pressure to the members of the selection committee," before saying he would be issuing his own statement in the evening.

Rumours had spread on social media that Wahab had been 'dominating' the selection committee due to his previous position as Pakistan's chief selector, as well as his closeness with PCB chief Mohsin Naqvi. His role had changed to becoming just one of a panel of seven after Naqvi changed the structure of the committee in March 2024.

This episode is the latest in a tumultuous period for Pakistan cricket, which has seen numerous changes in coaches, captains and administration over the last 12-18 months. Earlier this year, Shaheen Shah Afridi had been named the team's white-ball captain but was removed from the role after just one T20I series in New Zealand, as Babar Azam was reinstated.

Wahab Riaz: Don't want to be part of blame games

Later in the day, Riaz released a statement on X (formerly Twitter), claiming that he had a lot to say but he didn't want to be a part of blame games.

"I just want people to know that I have served the game I love with faith and sincerity and have given 100 percent for the betterment of Pakistan cricket," he wrote. 

"It has been an honour to serve as part of the selection panel. To make collaborative decisions as part of the seven man panel to select the national team was a privilege - everyone's vote carried equal weight, we made selection decisions as a team & shared the responsibility of that process equally. It was an honour to contribute my part to that."

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