A clip from the ongoing Bangladesh Women’s tour of Sri Lanka has been shared widely on social media, with a commentator criticised for suggesting that it’s “unpardonable” for a women’s cricketer to bowl a front-foot no ball.

The clip, from the first Sri Lanka-Bangladesh T20I in Colombo, shows commentator Roshan Abeysinghe expressing his surprise when Bangladesh left-arm spinner Nahida Akter bowled a no ball in the 13th over of Sri Lanka’s innings.

“It’s a no ball as well. Now this is unpardonable,” Abeysinghe is heard saying. “Unpardonable on two counts: one, a spinner; second thing, a lady… a women’s cricketer. I don’t think they have big strides, so in that context, very very surprised how she could overstep.”

In fact, replays show that Akter did not overstep: while in her delivery stride, she accidentally knocked the bails at the non-striker’s end off with her foot.

“Yeah [it’s the bails being dislodged], because I told you it can never be a stride,” Abeysinghe continued.

On social media, there was considerable backlash against the commentator, with the analysis labelled “nonsensical” and “sexist”.