An unnamed Somerset Cricket League player has been banned for nine games for acting in a way that was contrary to the spirit of the game in order to deny an opposition batsman a century.

On Sunday, August 5, the Purnell Cricket Club player chucked the ball to the boundary to concede five runs and end the match, to deny the batsman – Minehead’s Jay Darrell – a shot at getting a century.  Darrell was stranded on 98 not out as a result.

The Somerset Cricket League said the incident “brought the game into disrepute” and the bowler’s act was “against the spirit of the game”. As a result, he has been banned from the next nine completed league matches.

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Minehead later tweeted that even though the Purnell captain had apologised to the opposition, the incident was “not nice to see” and there are some things that “cannot be undone”.

Purnell, meanwhile, stated that both the captain and the player – a bowler – had apologised to the opposition and that such “unsavoury scenes” to end a match cannot be condoned.