The ICC has charged Sri Lankan bowling coach Nuwan Zoysa with three counts of breaching its anti-corruption code.

Zoysa, the 40-year-old former left-arm seamer who played 30 Tests and 95 ODIs for Sri Lanka, has been provisionally suspended with immediate effect. The charges are as follows:

  1. Article 2.1.1 – being party to an effort to fix or contrive or to otherwise influence improperly the result, progress, conduct or other aspect of an International match.
  2. Article 2.1.4 – directly soliciting, inducing, enticing or encouraging a player to breach Code Article 2.1.1.
  3. Article 2.4.4 – failing to disclose to the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit full details of any approaches or invitations he received to engage in corrupt conduct under the Code.

Zoysa, who has coached as part of the Sri Lanka set-up since 2015, has 14 days to respond to the charges.

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The worrying announcement comes just two weeks after Sri Lanka’s former captain and chairman of selectors Sanath Jayasuriya was charged with two separate breaches of the anti-corruption code, relating to non-co-operation with an ICC investigation. He declared publicly that: “I have always conducted myself with integrity and transparency with matters concerning the sport and I will continue to do so.”