In a heartwarming gesture, Pakistan captain Babar Azam gifted signed batting gloves to a young fan, a child mascot, after the Pakistan-Canada T20 World Cup match.

Babar's team is still reeling from their last-ball loss to India, but ended up winning hearts after his gesture towards a young fan in New York. The kid, a child mascot, was seen in tears around the Pakistan players at the toss, possibly overwhelmed by the sight of all the superstars around him.

A picture showing Babar consoling the little kid soon became viral, hugging him as he tried to contain his tears ahead of the India-Pakistan clash in New York.

Babar encountered the same fan at the team's next fixture, against Canada.

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"After the anthem, he came to me," Babar said after the win over Canada. "He was excited and suddenly started crying. So I got worried. But he said, I am a fan. He did the same thing today. He was crying, standing in the line. We all have experienced this, when you meet a star, the excitement is at a different level."

"I thought if he is such a big fan of me, I have the responsiblity to gift him something."

Babar ended up gifting his batting gloves to the young kid, making his day. A picture of the kid smiling with the gift in hand highlighted just how happy the gesture had made him.

After their loss to India, Pakistan beat Canada by seven wickets to keep their hopes of a Super Eights spot alive. 

"Good for us. We needed this win. Credit to team," Babar said after the victory. They're now ranked third in Group A, behind India and USA, both of whom are unbeaten so far.

Watch: Babar Azam gifts gloves to young fan

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