Watch: A Cameroon bowler has Mankaded four Uganda batters in the same game at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Africa Region Qualifier, a feat perhaps unprecedented in all cricket.

16-year-old Maeva Douma was the bowler in question, running out two batters at the non-striker’s end in the 16th over of her side’s game against Uganda before returning to add two more batters backing up too far to her collection in the final over of the innings.

While there was consternation on commentary, and a sense of exasperation from the umpires giving each out, every run out was celebrated heartily. On social media, there was celebration of the unusual occurrence, with a growing movement advocating for the mode of dismissal to be widely accepted, rather than taboo.

Douma finished with figures of 1-32 to go with her four run outs, but could manage only one with the bat.

The game is Cameroon’s first in T20I cricket, and while they slumped to an 155-run defeat, opponents will surely be wary of staying in their crease from now on.

While there is comprehensive list of Mankads available, there are no immediately evident incidences of multiple Mankads in the same top-level game. Perhaps the dismissal should be renamed the ‘Douma’ in honour of the bowler who has made the mode her own.

Watch the four Mankads below: