Watch: Darren Bravo is in no mood to stop – the 34-year-old extended his dream run with the ball, converting yet another magical delivery into a wicket to continue his newfound bowling windfall.

You might have heard of Bravo’s new lease of life already – the man himself is in the midst of rediscovering his prowess with the ball, and he’s doing it in style. Having rarely showcased his bowling skills for most of his career, his medium pace is suddenly fetching him a surprising amount of movement, bringing one breakthrough after another.

For the third time in three days, Bravo’s inswinger resulted in a wicket: a full, swinging delivery took out Anthony Bramble, pinning him lbw as an attempted sweep shot backfired.

The shot from the batter was bizarre, no doubt, but it could also be partly attributed to Bravo’s deliveries earlier in the over. Maintaining a length-ball channel outside the off stump, he kept making both batters play at deliveries away from their body. The previous delivery saw him beat Bramble outside his off stump – he probably expected another short one, but ended up receiving a full ball instead.

It swung wildly. Bramble probably saw an opportunity in swatting it from outside off, but it moved in sharply, pinning him on the front pad.

If you have missed it, here’s part 1 of his magic. And here’s part 2.

Watch Bravo unfurl his magic yet again