Watch: Steve Smith never fails to entertain with his eccentricities at the crease and his post-leave expression on day one of the World Test Championship final had Matthew Hayden chuckling on commentary today (June 7).

Smith had shouldered arms to a back-of-a-length delivery from Mohammad Shami, raising his arms and get his bat high and away from the ball. The delivery itself had nipped back in and bounced just over and wide of the stumps, prompting some oohs and aahs from the India fielders.

Smith himself recognised the quality of the delivery and opened his mouth in surprise at how close it had come to his off stump, before looking towards Shami. In a show of appreciation towards Shami’s skill, mouth still wide-open, he nodded towards the quick bowler, and mimicked the shape of the delivery with his hand.

This amused Hayden on commentary, who laughed in reaction to Smith’s facial expression. It’s not the first time Smith has generated hilarity for his reactions to deliveries he’s faced. Last year, he gave Sri Lanka debutant, Prabath Jayasuriya, a thumbs up after he was beaten by one of his deliveries in Galle. The incident also generated laughter on commentary at the time.

Watch: Steve Smith pulls out extravagant post-leave reaction, Matthew Hayden laughs in commentary box


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