The founder of the European Cricket League stole the show last week, when he produced a stunning crowd catch which left the commentators in awe.

Star CC needed 21 off nine when one of their batters, Roshan Vishwanath, launched a stunning six over long off, clearing the boundary with ease.

In the crowd happened to be the founder of the league, former Germany wicket keeper Daniel Weston, who pulled off an extraordinary diving effort to stun the commentators. Diving low to his right, with one hand outstretched, Weston managed to pluck the ball out of the air despite the ball still travelling like a bullet.

“It’s an absolute hanger from Daniel Weston!” exclaimed the commentator. “That’s a screamer! What a catch!”

The co-commentator revealed that Weston had pulled off the catch in front of his parents in the crowd. He chipped in: “That was unbelievable, he’s in front of his Mum and Dad as well. That’s even better than I thought!”

Weston is the founder of the European Cricket League which was launched in 2018.

Testament to the brilliance of the catch, the clip gained significant reactions on social media including from Australia player Amanda Jade Wellington who Tweeted “Talk about crowd catches.”

Star CC were not inspired by this boundary to win the game, however. They are bottom of Group E in the league with no wins in their four games.

Watch: European Cricket League founder takes outrageous, one-handed diving crowd catch below