Watch: Pakistan collapsed to 92-9 against Afghanistan today (March 24), with Naseem Shah losing balance and hitting his own wicket in a chaotic innings.

Naseem came in with Pakistan 65-7 after Faheem Ashraf chipped a ball off Rashid Khan to give Mohammad Nabi a dolly at cover. He blocked his first ball and saw out the majority of Rashid’s following over before Nabi came on to bowl.

Given the strike for the second ball of the 16th over, Naseem charge his first ball from Nabi and came so close to losing his wicket. Running down the wicket and taking a huge heave, the ball went straight through him and just over the stumps. Two balls later, however, Naseem took another huge swipe and wasn’t so lucky.

Facing up to a straighter delivery into his body, he swung across the line but was far too early on the shot. With his bat up in the air, the ball thudded into his back leg and bounced up into his body. But, such was the power that Naseem put into the shot, his bat continued to swing behind him causing him to lose balance. As he tried to steady himself from falling backwards, he brought his bat down right on top of the stumps and knocked the bails off.

The keeper delightedly shouted an appeal and Naseem had to walk off, out hit-wicket. That wicket left Pakistan 71-8 with more than four overs remaining in their innings. They finished on 92-9, Pakistan’s third-lowest T20I score batting first.

Watch: Naseem Shah swings hard, loses balance and hits own stump with bat in chaotic Pakistan collapse below