Rohit Sharma decided to employ nine bowlers, including himself, against the Netherlands. Here’s how the home team’s gang of part-timers performed.

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“I see them bowling all the time in the nets.”

Speaking to reporters after the game, Teja Nidamanaru said he wasn’t surprised to see India’s bevvy of part-timers roll their arms over, one after another against Netherlands. Some saw it as a weird flex of power, the table-toppers mocking an inferior opposition with a hardly used combination of bowlers.

But it isn’t quite that. Beyond all the laughs, it was a chance for India to give their reserve options some World Cup experience, above all the net practice they had been doing. Whichever way you look at it, watching India’s batting order turn up with the ball in hand made for an entertaining watch.

Here’s ranking their tossing skills from the Netherlands game:

Suryakumar Yadav

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Bowling debuts have gone far worse. Unfurling his off-breaks in international cricket for the first time, Suryakumar was all flight, tossing deliveries in joy and living up to the ‘SKY’ tag. The first ball was a filthy leg-side slider, deserving harsher treatment than just a single. Once Teja Nidamanaru understood the style, he had little difficulty depositing him to the deep midwicket stands. Not once, but twice in two balls. For a moment, it felt Daan van Bunge’s revenge would be taken.

A look at his numbers, it’s not as bleak as it sounds. He’s taken 24 wickets at 22.91 in first-class cricket. He’s the benchwarmer who scores when he plays. Not today though.

Shubman Gill

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Gill’s batting is exquisite. His bowling action is as basic and adequate as it can be.

Virat Kohli couldn’t control his laughter but Gill had a look of steely determination in his eyes. Chucking pies in respectfully traditional style, Gill dished out some flat and drab offerings. After a couple of singles, Bas de Leede had enough, crashing a short, slow one through the covers.

To his credit, it was the only boundary he conceded. And really, these are the best figures he’d fetch bowling at the Chinnaswamy.

Virat Kohli

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Who else? A proper crowd-pleasing act. Kohli (or Rohit) gave Star Sports a week’s worth of re-runs when the wrong-footed inswinging menace, in the head coach’s words, decided to pitch some in. As he stood at the top of his run-up, Kohli laughed, then gathered himself, counting his fielders and tossing the ball to begin his spell.

What followed was the usual stuff, floating seam-ups with that gangly, ungodly action of his. Everything drifted into the batter.

And then came the miracle. A wicket after 3,572 days, effected with a stinky angling one, way down the leg side. Captain gone.

Kohli laughed. Anushka laughed from the stands. It was a little Diwali gift to his loyal fanbase in Bengaluru.

Rohit Sharma

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For an IPL hat-trick man, Rohit has bowled very little in internationals. Among India’s bits-and-pieces part-timers, he is perhaps the most accomplished. His contribution lasted five balls, but it got India the game-clinching wicket.

Before he took Nidamanuru’s wicket, Rohit was carted for a six over deep midwicket. However, it was Rohit’s riposte that showed how much he understands the game. Just like the last one, this one was floated to be hit, but was also wider than the last one. Nidamanuru fell for the bait, sending his hoick down the throat of long-on.