Watch: Glamorgan opening batter Eddie Byrom had a nightmare bowling his part-time leg-breaks at the end of his side’s latest County Championship fixture, with the ball rolling along the ground in a hilarious mishap.

The second-round match against Leicestershire was petering out towards an inevitable draw on day four, neither side with a remote chance of victory. To keep the players and watchers entertained despite the inevitable result, Glamorgan captain David Lloyd threw the ball to several part-time bowlers, including himself, Marnus Labuschagne and Byrom.

Byrom’s first ball was hit for six by Rishi Patel before he was also brought on to bowl the final over of the match. The opening batter has actually taken two first class wickets in his career to date, but that previous success eluded him on this occasion.

Having negotiated the first five balls of the over, Byrom set himself to bowl the final delivery of the match. He jogged in to bowl over the wicket, but failed to release the ball at a traditional release point. Instead, he let go of the ball with his arm well past the vertical. As a result, the ball was driven straight into the pitch with minimal pace behind it. It bounced for the second time in the middle of the pitch before pitching for a third time in front of Patel’s front foot.

Byrom raised his hands to the top of his head in disappointment while keeper Chris Cooke first hung his head in shame before covering his mouth with his gloves. The two behind-wicket fielders looked the most embarrassed for Byrom however. The slip bent over and kept his eyes fixed on the ground as he walked away, while the leg-slip collapsed on the floor head first.

In Byrom’s defence, that ball completed a maiden over.

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