Watch: There was more third umpire controversy between Australia and South Africa after Dean Elgar was ruled not out following a fantastic Steve Smith catch in the Sydney Test.

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It was the second borderline call of the match after Marnus Labuschagne had similarly been ruled not out after review when Simon Harmer had appeared to cleanly take a catch at slip.

While the soft signal for Labuschagne had been out, the Smith catch was ruled not out with third umpire Richard Kettleborough confirming that the ball had indeed made contact with the ground in the process of Smith taking the catch.

South Africa captain Dean Elgar was the beneficiary of the decision this time around after he had edged a Josh Hazlewood delivery, with the former Aussie skipper dropping low to his right to hold on to what looked like a stunning one-handed catch.

His teammates flocked around him in celebration but Smith himself didn’t seem so sure if he had taken the catch cleanly. The Australians initially celebrated when the first replay was shown as it seemed that the ball had carried, but further replays led to doubt as to whether in the process of completing the catch whether the ball had come in contact with the ground.

Kettleborough decided that the ball had in fact been grounded and Elgar was given a reprieve.

On Twitter, you could find users on both sides of the debate.

Watch: Smith takes stunning catch but it is ruled not out