Star Sports have defended airing footage of Rohit Sharma for which they were strongly criticised by the India captain yesterday (May 19).

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Rohit accuses Star Sports of breaching privacy

Rohit Sharma put up a strongly worded social media post on Sunday (May 19), accusing the TV broadcasters for IPL 2024, Star Sports, of breaching the privacy of cricketers for the sake of clicks and engagement.

“The lives of cricketers have become so intrusive that cameras are now recording every step and conversation we are having in privacy with our friends and colleagues, at training or on match days,” wrote Rohit.

He pointed out a particular conversation of his which was aired by Star Sports on television despite his request of not recording the audio: “Despite asking Star Sports to not record my conversation, it was and was also then played on air, which is a breach of privacy. The need to get exclusive content and focused only on views and engagement will one day break the trust between the fans, cricketers and cricket. Let better sense prevail.”

Star Sports says no audio recorded or broadcast

A day later, Star Sports responded to Rohit’s accusation of breaching privacy. In an official response, Star Sports said that audio from Rohit’s conversation was not recorded or broadcast and that they have always respected the privacy of players.

“A clip involving a senior Indian player and his post on social media have gained prominence since yesterday,” ran the response. “The clip, taken during a training session on May 16 at Wankhede stadium, for which Star Sports had authorised access, momentarily showed the senior player in conversation with his friends on the sidelines.

“No audio from this conversation was either recorded or broadcast. The clip, which only showed the senior player requesting for the audio of his conversation to not be recorded, got featured in Star Sports’ live coverage of pre-match preparations and lacked editorial relevance beyond this.

“Star Sports has always adhered to the highest standards of professional conduct while broadcasting cricket all over the world. Respect for players’ privacy while bringing fans, moments of intense action and preparations, sits at the core of this ethos, which the broadcaster remains committed to.”