Three matches remain in the Women’s and Men’s editions of this year’s The Hundred. Here are the scenarios each team need to reach the Hundred 2023 playoffs.

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Women’s Hundred 2023 Playoffs scenarios

The equation is relatively simple, as the three Playoffs teams have already been decided. However, the top-ranked team will qualify directly for the final, while the other two will play in the Eliminator.

As mentioned above, Southern Brave (12 points, NRR +0.461), Welsh Fire (11, +0.841), and Northern Superchargers (10, +0.290) have qualified for the playoffs.

Welsh Fire play Northern Superchargers on August 22. If Welsh Fire win, they will reach 13 points. In that case, Southern Brave will have to beat Manchester Originals in their last match to reach the final directly.

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On the other hand, if Northern Superchargers win, Southern Brave will still have a chance even if they lose their last match. The fact that they play after the Welsh Fire-Northern Superchargers clash will work in their favour.

Men’s Hundred 2023 Playoffs scenarios

With 13 points, the Oval Invincibles are four points clear of other sides, and have already qualified for the final. Birmingham Phoenix, on the other hand, have been eliminated. However, the other six teams are fighting for the two spots in the Eliminator.

Of them, Manchester Originals (9 points, NRR +0.726) are the best-placed, while the fortune of Northern Superchargers (5, -0.678) is hanging by the thinnest of threads.

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Between them, on seven points each, are Trent Rockets (NRR +0.184), Southern Brave (-0.022), and Welsh Fire (-0.182); and on six points are London Spirit (-0.015). Of the six teams, Trent Rockets have played their eight matches, while the others have a match in hand.

Northern Superchargers play Welsh Fire next. Not only do the Northern Superchargers have to win, they also have to do it by a colossal margin to ensure they finish above the other teams – and even that will not suffice: they also have to back Manchester Originals and Birmingham Phoenix to beat Southern Brave and London Spirit respectively, by reasonable margins.

On the other hand, a big win for Welsh Fire (they too have an ordinary net run rate) will take them to nine points. Wins for Manchester Originals and Birmingham Phoenix will suffice for them thereafter. If that does not happen, they will have to hope their net run rate finishes above the other eventual nine-pointers.

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A win by any margin against Southern Brave will puit Manchester Originals into the Eliminator.

If, on the other hand, Southern Brave win (ideally by a considerable margin), they reach nine, but even then they have to finish above at least one of Welsh Fire (if they win) and Manchester Originals on net run rate. If they do that, they will have to hope no one surpasses their net run rate.

London Spirit will at best finish third on the table (below Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals). They play last (against Birmingham Phoenix), and they will stay alive only if Northern Superchargers and Manchester Originals win their respective matches. If both happen, a win will help London Spirit qualify.