The battle for the team that makes the final in the Asia Cup is heating up, and here’s what each team needs to do end in the top two.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka are the four teams battling it out for a top-two berth, and it could come down to Net Run Rate.

Currently, India are on top of the Super Fours with a positive NRR of 4.450 after their huge win against Pakistan. Pakistan have two points after a win over Bangladesh earlier, but their NRR of -1.892, after the loss against India, has taken a beating.

Sri Lanka also have two points ahead of their game against India and are placed second, while Bangladesh are yet to win a game in the Super Fours.

Permutations to reach the final of the Asia Cup

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India will advance to the final if they beat Sri Lanka on Tuesday (September 12). They already have a healthy NRR of +4.560, and should go through even if they lose their last game against Bangladesh on Friday. If they lose to Sri Lanka and win against Bangladesh, they will have four points and their NRR will almost certainly work in their favour, and they will make it.

If either of their remaining games are washed out and India win the other, they will still make it to the final, with five points. If India lose one and the other game is washed out, India will still qualify courtesy of their superior NRR, even if they are tied on points.

A win for India against Sri Lanka will knock Bangladesh out of the tournament. They have lost their Super Four games to Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and even if they defeat India in their last match, they will have two points, which will not be enough. But if Sri Lanka defeat India, Bangladesh will have a mathematical chance.

They will have to defeat India and then hope that Pakistan also go down to Sri Lanka. This will leave three of the four teams contesting on four points, and it will then come down to the Net Run Rate.

A win for Sri Lanka against India will take them to four points. India and Pakistan can also finish on four points, bring NRR into the equation. Sri Lanka have a better NRR (+0.420) than Pakistan (-1.892) currently.

If Sri Lanka lose to India, then it will come down to their clash against Pakistan which effectively become a knockout tie.

For Pakistan to qualify, they have to hope that India defeat Sri Lanka, which will then mean that their game against Sri Lanka will be a virtual knockout. Both Sri Lanka and Pakistan will have two points, and NRR will not enter the equation.

If Sri Lanka defeat India, they will go to four points. Pakistan will not only have to defeat Sri Lanka, then, but also better them on NRR. The match is scheduled to take place on September 14 in Colombo with rain forecast which could makes the equation even tougher for Pakistan.